homographs (greek: omós «same» + gráphō
«write») - words spelled alike but different in meaning or derivation or pronunciation

in omo.graphics we do the same with visuals.
we create graphics that take on many meanings with a singular form

we create
  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • VFX
  • visual identity

filming, color, design, sound, edit and else — just name it

  • creative agencies
  • video productions
  • companies and brands

  • tell the stories in a way that captivates viewers with many meanings

our works
cyber city
nft-game trailer
CyberCity is Play-to-Earn NFT game set in the futuristic Endless Megapolis where players fight for crypto in attempt to dominate the CyberCity Metaverse.

In this 2D animated trailer we intended to convey the storyline, the atmosphere and numerous characters of the game in just 40 seconds.
digital ved
financial service promo
digital red - the first multi-service platform for conducting foreign economic activity

Through visual metaphors, we reflected the main advantage of the platform - the ability to solve all the problems of international document flow in a single window
drunk robots
game teaser trailer
drunk robots transport players to the city of Los Machines inhabited by junky, drunk robots whose only interests are metal, beer, and violence

we only had a couple of weeks to complete the project, so we tried to convey the atmosphere of the game and suspense without complex character animation
and many more
hugo loud - free flow
mossport - redesign
drunk robots - trailer
digital ved - teaser
omo.graphics - showreel
hugo loud - vfx breakdown
tictac - watermelon mix
autosubscription - promo
vivienne sabo - perle promo
let's create together
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